Sunday, 18 April 2010

Calum is Top Political Pundit

Time may yet prove me right but it looks as though I’ll need to eat some humble pie.  Late last year I wrote a series of open letters to the 3 main UK party leaders and to Alex Salmond too.

I wrote this to Nick Clegg.

“Dear Nick

I didn’t want you to miss out on my series of open letters  (to Gordon Brown and David Cameron) and so, against my better judgment, I decided to write and, therefore, here is my considered advice.

Nick, keep doing what you are doing.  In fact, do whatever you want because both you and your party are irrelevant.”

Might I have got my analysis slightly wrong?


Still a few weeks to judgment day.  No pie eating until then.


  1. We shall see Calum. If you are wrong you plat Adnrew wearing a tutu and peek a boo bra!

  2. Jams You need to get a new keyboard. Your current one makes lots of errors!

    Because of the errors I have no idea what you are trying to say.

  3. So the choice is-

    .Compo Brown
    .Foggy Cameron

    Where's Lord Sutch when we need him?
    His first manifesto included-
    .votes for teenagers
    .passports for pets
    .no more 11+
    all of which passed into law.

    So either Lord Sutch was a true visionary or we have become a nation of Loonies.

    I think I will vote for Calum as best music blog instead.

  4. "plat Adnrew"? Who is Adnrew and what is platting? Sounds like Calum has a Nordic friend. And is it Adnrew who will be wearing the tutu and bra, or Calum, or both? Jams, your marks for clarity are low on this one.

  5. I was in the UK during the last general election and we were touring Cornwall visiting places where ancestors had lived, and saw the voting in each village. It was so pleasant the next morning to wake up and find ourselves in a Tory- and Labour-free zone.

  6. Steve Thanks for the comment.

    Now I can put a name and face to my visitor from Gauteng.