Friday, 16 April 2010

Cameron Stumbles …..

…………  Brown still stands and Clegg soars.

That Brown and Labour are still in the race is nothing short of a miracle but not a miracle of his, or their, own making.  They have Cameron to thank. 

Again Cameron failed to deliver.  Again he has come up short.  How many more chances will he be given?

It seems many are looking for a reason to vote out Labour but Cameron is not that reason, has not that reason.  He is, though, the reason that Brown is still standing. 

Cameron has had Brown groggy so often and for so long that people see new positive qualities in Brown – not saying that I do.  The expectations of Brown are now so low that he can perform to these reduced expectations.

Continue worrying, Davie-boy.  Many times a boxer has come off the floor to stun his opponent.  You could be the next victim.

Worrying times, indeed, for Davie-boy Cameron, surely. 

Oh, soar-away Clegg  ….. more worries for wee Davie-boy.

Are the sands running out?

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