Monday, 19 April 2010

David Cameron: Party Political Broadcast for Labour and Liberal Democrats ….

…. and everyone else except the Tories!!!  Yeah!

I have just viewed the Tories’ 2nd Election Broadcast and it is DIRE!!!  It was worse than watching the soaps do an Election broadcast.  I’m sure it’s a response to Clegg’s performance in the first debate but …..

Had there been a programme “Britain’s Got a Prime Minister” then Cameron would have been buzzed off after seconds.  Yes I know Brown wouldn’t even have made it through the auditions but Cameron’s attempt was a caricature of an effective Prime Minister.

Buzz words, empty words.

A cardboard cut-out doesn’t become real just because words appear to fall from its cardboard mouth.

I’m delighted the broadcast will be so successful for everyone else.

The broadcast link?  If you must view it you can watch it here but you’ll get much more sense here.


  1. Mercifully I have avoided all debates and all election broadcasts.

  2. You should catch this one, Jams.

    Brilliantly empty!