Thursday, 29 April 2010

Fight for Justice

On New Year’s Day I posted about,

A friend (F) has been on the receiving end of appalling (mal)-treatment at the hands of his local NHS and other supposedly caring and supportive agencies.  Because of ongoing issues I will not identify his geographical location but his story is a warning to us all.  I relate not the complete tale but only one aspect of the most recent happenings with the minimum background.

For years, F had been denied treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), was left alone and unsupported until late 2008 when, apparently magically, a highly qualified psychotherapist was assigned to him.

Was this the start of progress?  No!

The issues with the psych (P) need to remain unheard other than to say P is being investigated for malpractice by the NHS and the professional psychotherapists’ body.  This left my friend (F) worse off in early 2009 than he’d been in late 2008: he thought he was going to get psychotherapy but he didn’t and instead he found himself caught up in P’s problems.“

The original post then went off in a different direction but today I come back to “the issues with the psych (P)”. This isn’t a fresh topic: I could have written this post any time within the last month or so but I wanted to wait until F had overcome his initial extreme shock.

In his defence P wrote a mountain of lies; anything to keep his career.  F, rather being a patient in desperate need of therapy, was now a threat.  Understandably F was distraught (I can’t find the correct words to describe F’s state at that time).

I am ashamed that one whose job it is to help the vulnerable has attacked another so.

The vulnerable, wherever they are, are easy, for those so-minded, to abuse. 

The vulnerable, because of their very vulnerability, find it hard to fight back for justice.


I will stand with F and with truth for justice!

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