Sunday, 18 April 2010

Gone Green


I cropped the original beyond the point where noise affects the image but I thought it a worthwhile penalty for capturing the greens.


  1. Talking of "greens". The time is nigh for the golf. Do you wish to choose your afternoon on any Thursday or Friday from 29 April onwards? About 1 pm sounds good, when we could start to the bang from the battlements of the castle's one-o-clock gun. Drop me an email or advertise it in public here. Do we need to make arrangements to bus in spectators? Should Sky Sports be informed?

  2. I can't do Thursdays or Fridays and so I'm afraid that, after all the build up, we'll not be able to have our battle.

    So sorry about that. My training was going so well.

    Now if you wanted to go the carvery across the road then I might reconsider.

    OK, I'll let you know soon about THE day.

  3. Could manage some Wednesdays too, although Sat and Suns are best avoided probably. We can do the carvery after the game, perhaps? I've been there once. It is good value. If 1 pm is too late I could manage 10 am at earliest, to avoid travelling down through the wage slaves rush. Plenty options, though we should probably look at the forecast a few days before and avoid too much wind and rain as the golf will be unpleasant enough on its own.

  4. Sorry, Andrew, my not Thursdays and Fridays was a JOKE!!!!!

  5. It was worth it for the greens :-)