Monday, 5 April 2010

Iona Again

I’ve come across 2 lovely links to Iona.

The first is a magical piece by Mychael and Jeff Danna entitled  “Iona” taken from “ A Celtic Romance”.

The photographs in the video are lovely but they are NOT Iona.


The second has lovely peaceful video of Iona plus lovely music.  But I have just discovered that embedding has been disabled – sorry -  and so the YouTube link is here.



  1. Both are lovely. Very relaxing :-)

  2. I've been poised on the shore opposite to the island but the sea was so rough the ferry wasn't taking any passengers.

  3. We had a glorious day. I posted some photos previously. Might do them again.

  4. The first one sounds vaguely familiar but I can't think of where I've heard it.
    So much music sloshing around inside my head I'm bound to get lost.