Monday, 12 April 2010

Kieran Looney: BP, Citigroup and Lansdowne Partners

In case you’re wondering where you’ve come across this name, he is suing Trafigura for £6million pounds and being countersued by them.

When I was preparing to post on the court papers  - from Looney v Trafigura – I visited Looney’s website and found a few errors – or, at least, I saw them as errors.

If you click here you’ll be taken to their clients’ page of which the image below is a screengrab


This picture shows 11 named clients plus 3 unnamed.  I suppose the three unnamed, for their own reasons, did not want to be identified as having been clients.  But they are publicly named and not by me. 

Yes, you’ve guessed the three unnamed are:

Global Oil Services                  BP

Financial Services:                  Citigroup

International Hedge Fund:       Lansdowne Partners

How do I know?  Easy.

By clicking on “Renowned” in each case the browser tabs come up with the company name and the web address for the page contains its name.  Click on the three company names above and you’ll see.

You may wonder why I didn’t contact Looney before making this error public.  I did!  And got no reply to two very straightforward emails.

Their website (contacts page) invites visitors to let them know if their website can be improved but two weeks later the errors are still visible and I received not even an acknowledgment.  I would have expected more from a management consultancy.

It’s not as though these are the only mistakes on the site.  The site has been attacked by rogue apostrophes which turn up in the oddest of places.  I show you only one page:


Can a company afflicted by this terrible disease be saved?  Yes, but only once they acknowledge the disease.

I can’t go without one more example, I’m sorry.


Ah!  My advice was free and private but now I’ve had to go public.

[I acknowledge Kieran Looney & Associates’ ownership of all three images.]


  1. Yes, nice bit of work there Calum.

  2. I like to do my bit to help people. I guess I am an educator of sorts.

  3. Obviously the trees in the picture are none of knowledge (, says the dilettant who instead of blogging in the language he sucked - so to speak - from his mothers breast, decided to rather maltreat the English language ... ha ha ha).