Sunday, 4 April 2010

Limping On

Regular visitors will have noticed, I’m sure, that my blog has been sparse recently: short and (not very) cryptic posts, little of substance, filling space because space was there.

As has happened several times before during my blogging life, I’m struggling with life.  Sitting at the pc is my escape, sitting doing little at my pc, sitting letting time drift by, just sitting watching my stats …. obsessively, waiting for the next visitor -  who is visiting? what will they read? will they leave a comment?, and the next and next. 

This is no way to live.  The detail is unimportant to those outside but I must change …. somehow.  I must move with real life.

I’ll let the blog limp on for a week or so but I suspect that I’ll need to cut it to remove one aspect of my escape.  I want to but I don’t.


  1. " just sitting watching my stats..."

    That is indeed no way to live. How's about a game of golf before too long, my man? Sometime around end of April, start of May, when the weather is usually quite nice? Silverknowes is nice, looking out across the Firth of Forth while we make fools of ourselves as two old geezers playing with their balls? You play with yours and I'll play with mine though.

  2. You're on ..... but I'll be playing with used balls whereas your balls will be new. Can you not let me play just a little bit with your balls? :)

  3. Oh OK mate, I have a bag full of shiny new balls, (my baw bag) so you can whack my balls instead of your own - I'll bring plenty for you.

    In the meantime you could start writing that book I told you to write - you've got plenty material.

    Take care.

  4. Well, you said, over your full fat latte, "I haven't written any books," so I said, over my skinny latte, "Well why don't you write one?"

    So, that's the book I meant. The rest would be down to you.

    And I have another stupid suggestion too: turn off the stats-counter but keep writing the blog.

    I'm going out to play now. Nice and sunny here today, just at the moment.

  5. How about a bagpipe-samba to cheer you up?
    This made me laugh out loud with the absurdity of it-

  6. I think that round of golf with Andrew sounds just the sort of thing to cheer you up :-)

  7. Awesome bagpipe Samba JD.

    CherryPie, JD, Claudia, Seanso, Jams, Headmaster Higham, etc... anyone else up for "A round of golf with Andrew." Guaranteed to cheer anybody up, I promise. Even doctors have been known to prescribe it for themselves when their patients get all a bit too much for them (and a friendly psychiatric chap sometimes does it just so he can get into my head and give thanks that his head is different).

  8. I will pass on the golf but can come along as the official photographer ;-)

  9. Fine by me CherryPie, so long as you can get to Silverknowes at the appointed hour (I am about to put a picture and a wee tale or two about the place up on my blog) - oh, and remember to click the camera just at the top of Calum's backswing, just to help his concentration.

  10. Now Now Andrew I don't play cheap games like that! I has to be fare tactics so I would click the camera just as you too a backswing too ;-)

    Maybe I won't be such a welcome photographer now LOL

  11. Just write when you want to, Calum! No stress.