Sunday, 4 April 2010

Looney v Trafigura: Interesting Witness

I note from an article which appeared tonight on the online version of The Telegraph that Kieran Looney has told Trafigura that he intends to ask Claude Dauphin, one of the founders of Trafigura, to appear as a witness for his side.

The Telegraph states,

“It is understood that Trafigura has been notified of Mr Looney’s intention to call his former employer as a witness, but the company declined to comment on whether Mr Dauphin intends to appear.

Mr Dauphin is not obliged to attend the court, but if he refuses, the claimant and his City lawyers Olswang are planning to apply to the judge for a witness summons.”

Last Monday I posted  details about the case and put Looney’s claims and Trafigura’s defence online.  All the links are in that post which can be found here.

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