Friday, 9 April 2010

The Real CalumCarr Stands Up … Just

At last, I reveal more of myself than ever before … but not all.  I’m sure you understand that I couldn’t possibly show my film-star looks: they would be too much for many. 

But is it the look good or bad?  



After this exposure there will be no point in checking my stats.

There won’t be any!


  1. is that a wardrobe malfunction?

    (shorts are only worn by Seth Iffricans and Orstrylians!)

  2. Sorry, JD. Real and I'm neither of those nationalities.

    Guess this must have been a summer's day - T about 10 deg C.

  3. You look like a terrifying turnip man. Nice legs though...

  4. It looks like you have been beamed down from Andrew's space ship!!!

    Or are you being beamed up?

  5. Mut The legs aren't mine. My legs are much much shorter and thinner than those.

    CP Please don't link me to Andrew's species.

    James I wish I'd lost mine

  6. And here the the Jury's vote for the artistic perfomance:
    6,0 - 5,8 6,0 - 5,9 - 6,0 - 5,8 - 4,9* - 6,0 - 5,9 - 6,0

    * The lady seemingly wants to not shoot her wad's too early. After all, there's still Andrew Scott to perform his show on the trampoline.

  7. You're still scoring far too high.