Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Response to the Rebuttal of the Case Against Trafigura - Preparation

Sorry for the very long title but …..

Earlier today I posted an article by Dr Gary K Busch whose intention was to dismantle the case made by investigative reporters and others against Trafigura. [The original article can be read here.] I ascribe no motive to Dr Busch in doing this other than he was reporting his own strongly held views.

I was taken by the negativity towards the reporters’ case: I recall no positivity in any statement made about those involved, other than about Trafigura. 

My experience is that no case is as black and white as Dr Busch describes and so, in time, I will post a response and here I ask for help.  I intend to write as balanced an article as I can given that I am starting from the point of view that Dr Busch’ case seems too one-sided.

I ask that anyone who can support or refute any statement made in Dr Busch’s article to contact me at the following address  - calumsblogatgmaildotcom.

Ideally you will be able to give me more than a simple statement that you assert as fact.  If you can add background information and a source that would be great.  If all you can do is an unattributed snippet then that too will be appreciated. 

Also please let me know if you want your information to be presented attributed or unattributed although I cannot guarantee to use all information supplied but all confidences will be respected.

I will contact Dr Busch giving him the opportunity to furnish detailed background information.

I should also point out that Dr Busch has already answered some questions of mine and has very kindly pointed me towards another article of his in which I was interested.


  1. Yes, James, it moves along slowly but what Dr Busch's article has done is to focus my mind on the issues he raises. Which stand up and which fall will lead, hopefully, to a better understanding of the issues.

    I can appreciate for others this may seem drawn out, boring and repetitive but this was inevitable once I decided that I wanted to understand what had happened.

    I didn't want to simply join the rant against Trafigura. I wanted the truth or as near the truth as I can get.

    Unfortunately that will take time and a lot of effort.