Thursday, 22 April 2010

Shove the Pig

’s Foot a Little Closer to the Fire.

This is a music post but I can’t keep politics out of even this.  After tonight’s 2nd UK election debate I wonder which of the three party leaders will have been shoved a little closer to the fire.  Please let it be Davie-boy!

Shove the Pig’s Foot (a little Closer to the Fire)

The notes with the video state that the tune was written by one of the fiddlers, Bruce Molsky, but more likely is that he has arranged an old American tune.  In case you wonder which fiddler is Bruce here is below:

Bruce Molsky 

Let’s have the music which is from the 2009 Celtic Connections Festival in Glasgow.

Bruce Molsky - fiddle
Tim O'Brien - fiddle
Aly Bain - fiddle
John McCusker - fiddle
Jerry Douglas - dobro
Dirk Powell- banjo
Mike McGoldrick - flute
Phil Cunningham - piano accordion
Donald Shaw - piano
Russ Barenberg - guitar
John Doyle - guitar
Todd Parks - bass
Pat McInerney - percussion
James McIntosh - drums


  1. Only in these isles can one hear such things [with a nice pint in hand at times].

  2. ... ah yes pint in hand, which reminds me-
    the difference between a violin and a fiddle?
    a violin has a case and a fiddle has beer stains

    but back to the music: yes you are right, I think it is traditional but the title possibly has sexual connotations...
    remember that video you posted with Bessie Smith singing rather suggestively about a pig's foot?
    I wonder..

  3. Some comments on the video suggest it's to do with blacksmiths and working iron.