Friday, 30 April 2010

Tesco: Mini-Rant

Tesco used to have a policy of “One-in-Front” which meant that if there was more than one person in front in the checkout queue they would open another checkout.

Not any more!

Three, four and still no extra checkout.

The express checkouts are normally worse and their bloody self-checkouts are the pits!

I hate bloody queues!

I hate seeing Tesco staff who are monitoring the checkout operation blethering and laughing whilst I have to queue to give them my bloody money!

I know!  It’s my fault.  I shouldn’t give them my money but …. I’m lazy and they count on this.

Come on, Calum, give Tesco a miss!!


  1. but there was one in front Calum . Sadly there was one in front of the one in front and so on!

  2. I think they are all as bad as each other. Maybe we should cause some sort of fuss at the self check out queues to get served quicker ;-)

  3. Jams, GTF! :)

    CP I'll let you trial different methods and you can post about the various success rates. :)

  4. Oh... time for me to be "dissenter of the day" again (see comment on Powerpoint post). I like Tesco. I like the fact that their bulk buying power (and that of their competitors - I like the fact they have big competitors too) allows me to casually select from a vast array of goods from all over the world and pay for them much much less than I would have to at any corner shop. So there I am with my little basket with coffee from Colombia, bananas from Panama, a few cheap pens that people have made for me in China, a perfectly servicable shirt from Eastern Europe at a ridiculously low price, a newspaper that people in London have spent all night writing for me, and it has all been brought to this one big store for my convenience; but OH, HECK, I'm gonna have to wait two or three minutes now because there is a queue!!!??? I can hear the millions less fortunate, all around the world, including many who helped produce the contents of my basket, saying "Goodness mate, I wish I could swap your problems for mine..."

  5. I worked a wee while with Tesco and never again even if they were the last company in Britain!

    "Every penny helps" they say but I think this says more about the boost to their profits than it does to the customers' pockets.

  6. If the customers don't want what they are selling the customers don't need to to go there, nobody forces them. I am surprised when people complain about private companies wanting to make profits, when that is what private companies are set up to do. What do you expect them to try to do? Make losses? And if we don't like the way they make their profits, or if think they make too much, we go elsewhere. I try the Cooperative from time to time (which I part own, like every other signed up customer), but despite supposedly not being designed to make profits for big bad shareholders, I find it more expensive, less well-stocked and a generally less pleasant experience than going to Tesco. But you do need to take your own advice Calum - just don't go again.

  7. Andrew, you're doing what you have said to James: you're taking something I didn't say and then proceeding to argue against this something I didn't say.

    I didn't say that they shouldn't make profits and I suspect you know well what you were doing. :)

    I did misquote them. They actually say, "Every little helps"

  8. Well if, when you said "...the boost to their profits" you were not moaning about them, then I did misunderstand. I took that as a criticism of them. But rather than having a "mini-rant", just don't go, it will mean a slightly smaller queue for those of us who actually want to go.

  9. I much prefer Sainsburys. The staff always seem nicer.