Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Tory Manifesto: Davie-boy’s Big Joke

You are joking, aren’t you Davie-boy? And the joke is on all of us other than you and your rich cronies.

At the Tory manifesto launch you said (green) with my added comments in brown,

"This is a manifesto for a new kind of politics and a new kind of country," said Mr Cameron.

New and better cheating politicians and a country even more for the rich.

"If you vote Conservative on May 6, you're not just voting to change the government, you're voting to change the whole system.

Yea, and we can’t wait to get our hands on all that lovely corrupt dough.

"People power not State power. Big Society not Big Government. We're all in this together.

except the rich will take much more out and be given much more than the poor and needy.

"Government has an important role to play. But the people's role is even bigger.

and if you can’t play your role you’ll be fucked because we don’t care about you.

"Together we can get rid of our debts, get the economy moving, mend our broken society - even make politics and politicians work better. And if we can do that, we can do anything. Together, we can do anything."

Together you will help me and my rich buddies get even richer.

I’m a cynic I know but sometimes, as with this piece, what seems like cynicism is actually prescient.


  1. Bend over and take another inch - Vote Conservative!

  2. Jams Red card for that. Unnecessary to to tarnish the Conservative party with the truth!