Friday, 16 April 2010

Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

Time flies: never to be recaptured, lost forever.

One who was lost forever to life was Sandy Denny who wrote this beautiful song - she died in 1978 aged only 31 but she is not forgotten.

Her song has been recorded by many but none more beautiful than her own.  My favourite is the version recorded with the Strawbs.

Who Knows Where the Time Goes

A beautiful song, a beautiful voice, a perfect rendition!


  1. Various people and I have been talking recently about just this phenomenon of time flying. It seems to be getting worse.

  2. Can Albion Alliance not push for a referendum to slow down time?

  3. In one of his wilder moments Michael Bentine declared "We invented time!"
    Perhaps he knew something that we don't....

    The divine Sandy Denny: I like the demo version of the song. just her and a guitar.

  4. Re Demo version: I like that too.

  5. ... I am writing this while listening to the song on Colin's site at 02:33.
    Nightwarming, Calum. Thank you.

    As for the flying time: It's a bromide / commonplace / truism [?]*, hm?
    The older we get , the ... :)

    Only two day ago I watched a tiny documentation about a tiny people, living in (today's) Brazil: Up til now they refuse to speak Portuguese. Their language does neither know a past nor a future tense; they do not know numbers (they just don't need them! They would f.e. hunt as many /much [?] fish as they need. Not more.
    And: They are / seem to be happy and content.

    Imagine, Calum; imagine dear commenters: Not only they do not know f.e. Homer, Dante, Shakespeare; they do not know to read books. Imagine: These people have not been educated. And still they seem to be happy (in the now).
    Why would I mention this? Perhaps, all we need is not foremost time but ... choose your words.

    * question marks in squared brackets are telling: this very commenter is not sure if he's been choosing the proper term, preposition, syntax etc.