Friday, 28 May 2010

Aaaaah! Isn’t He Sweet?

The BBC reports that a baby Malaysian tapir was born in Edinburgh Zoo 1 month ago but he made his first public appearance yesterday.

Kamal, the tapir baby born at Edinburgh Zoo in April 2010


Kamal, the tapir baby born at Edinburgh Zoo in April 2010

They lose their spots after about 6 months to look like mummy (or daddy).

Malayan tapir

All photographs courtesy of Edinburgh Zoo

When our eldest was much younger Edinburgh Zoo was a daily visit: we entered by an unofficial gate very close to the tapirs’ house.  We were paid up members just in case readers think we were sneaking in.

Then too there was a baby tapir. 

Many an hour spent between tapirs and giraffes.

More info is available from Edinburgh Zoo.


  1. Ooh that is cute as buttons Calum!

  2. Wait until you see the pics in the modified post!

  3. I should point out for readers that the modified post has 3 pics. The original which Jams saw had only 1.

  4. "They lose their spots then look like Mummy or Daddy"...

    Just like human teenagers then eh?

  5. Very clever, Sir Andrew.

    I'm sorry if I've let the tapir out of the bag about your forthcoming knighthood

  6. Actually Calum, I was expecting elevation to the House of Lords at the very least. I'm a bit gutted by your leak. On the other hand, I have been appointed High Priestess (they judge sex differently from us) Of The Planet Gladragula and All Her Sister Planets and Myriad Moons, which aint too shabby I suppose. You should see the ceremonial frock I get to wear, but the high heels are a bit of a challenge for me.