Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Am I a Twit ?

Number 1 on Google for this search “Callum Carr is a twit

Hurt, shattered!

How could anyone think this of me far less some non-human Google algorithm?

Think I might give up blogging ….

…. or could this be another ToLi attempt to put me down?


Twit or not I shall keep going to produce more and more startlingly twittish posts.

Even in these uncertain times you can count on me.


  1. Not quite sure what you mean here (not an unusual occurence!) because the top entry on that search is now a link to this post itself. However... the 2nd entry is to a site that includes the words "Calum Carr is a dick..." I am not arguing about that, but I am still not quite sure what you mean.

  2. Whatever, Andrew. I can't remember which post the search originally found but given that I used the search term in my post I suppose it was inevitable that my twit post would take over the top slot.

    Just take it from me I was, am now and forever will be the top CalumCarr twit!

  3. You are a bit of a twit giving your post a title that would inevitably mean we could no longer find the post you were trying to send us to, but in so doing you ensured we didn't even need to go to the post you wanted to send us to to confirm the truth of what it said. Quite clever actually. Maybe you are not such a twit after all.

  4. A Blairism coming, "I did what I thought then was the right course of action and I continue to think my action was correct."

  5. Does this make a top Twitter?