Thursday, 6 May 2010

Black and Blue Day

I hope fervently that today is not that day but I fear it will be so.

The likelihood of the Tories being voted into power today seems to be increasing (according to the latest polls) but this outcome will be good for some and disastrous for many.

Mind you, I blame no-one but the Labour government for presiding over 13 years of being in thrall to big money.  They have done good (not “well”) but not enough.  They have not listened to the people and have not taken the people with them.

They deserve their fate but we, the people, do not.


  1. Ach Labour has missed a lot of gloden opportunities to make this country a far better place. That said I would still rather a Brown government to what is coming

  2. I have been so angry with the labour government over the last years but the alternative is too insidious to contemplate.