Sunday, 30 May 2010

Bluebell at the Ball



  1. Beautiful harmony of colours, Calum, and a stunning shot.

  2. Sean!!!! :)

    Unfortunately not mine but eldest child's.

    I cropped and tweaked that's all.

  3. Ah, Calum. So do, please, pass on my com(pli)ment.
    Was it a 'lucky shot' or did the eldest youngster-artist compose the scenery?
    Anyway, again, I like it very much; ... and you cropped and tweaked it perfectly, Calum, wherewith (at least) a part of the compliment remains with you.

  4. Sean, I have passed on your comments - thanks given back to you.

    The pic wasn't set up but neither was it lucky. Elder child saw the potential and clicked. The cropping was relatively small.

  5. The words I am going to choose may not exactly tell what I mean, but you'll understand anyway:
    My delight increases. May eldest child steadily try to improve her/his skills; thus (what might have already been realised as a little gift) could turn out to be(come) a wonderful one.
    Kind regards.

  6. Wow! eldest child certainly has an eye for a good photo. I am looking forward to future photos :-)

  7. I should have said that elder child used MY camera. Does that make the photo mine?

    No, didn't think so.