Thursday, 13 May 2010

Brilliant, Amazing Video at Craig’s

Whatever else you do today, please go over to Craig Murray’s and view the video on display.

Two politicians in two countries speak with one – albeit forked – tongue.


  1. Even more amazing is that such a video did not get earlier published.

    Remembering vividly those days, especially February 15h, 2003, when many millions of people spoke with one tongue (German idiom), it's only logical that the so-called alliance of the willing (politicians) did so, too, hm?
    Warmongering bastards, if I may say so.

    And this was what I had to write then and ... do write now:

    New World Order

    pleading for peace
    without diplomacy
    are being taught:
    You are an enemy.

  2. Sean

    Thank you very much for your words on this!!!!