Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Calum for PM: Dream is Dashed

Earlier today I made an appeal for the main political parties to form a government under my leadership.

Despite support from Gordon Brown,

“Dear Calum

I don’t know you from Adam (Boulton, bastard that he is.  Did you see how he went for meek Alistair yesterday?) but I am told that your intellectual capabilities are second to  …. nothing.  In these circumstances you are by far the best candidate to keep Davie-Boy Cameron from Downing Street. Count on me.



Messrs Clegg and Cameron sent a joint message.

“Dear ColinCarr

We are determined to govern this country of ours in the interests of all …. who contribute to our funding.  This we cannot do in a government with you as Prime Minister.  We have already carved up the jobs for the boys.

Despite our rejection – we had a good snort at this -  [Not coke of course. That comes at the party in No. 10 afterwards.] we know we can count on your support. 

If not …… we know who you voted for and we will be keeping a close watch on your activities in the future.

Yours in ecstasy

Davie and Nicky” 

Once more a Calum dream is shattered but I will not let this affect me.  I will dog them, expose them and abuse them every crooked step they take.


  1. You will dog them? Doggong and sneior politivcal figures... I'm sure this is worth a mint of money from the tabloids...

  2. Trust you, Jams!

    or should I say

    "Tsutr oy,u msJa!"


  3. You should be glad that your dream is shattered...
    If you were PM it would mean having to live in......in.....

    ..in London

  4. JD I wasn't planning to live in London had I been successful. I would have retained my Edinburgh base.

    My expenses might have been a problem tho'!