Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Calum for Prime Minister: Am I Too Late?

I hope not!

I’ve just had one of those simple ideas of which my friend, James, is fond.

The solution to the hung Parliament is to form a government of national unity [I posted this first with “interest” because I couldn’t find the right word] under me.

See – simple!

Not an MP.  Don’t worry, neither was Lord Home all these years ago.  Make me Lord, I become PM, find me a safe seat, I renounce my Lordship, win the seat and I am an MP and Prime Minister.

I can’t see that Cameron or Clegg or whoever (for Labour) will object because, we all know, they’re not in this for personal glory – unlike me.

Think I’ll fire off a few very quick emails.

I wish I’d thought of this last night but I was too busy contemplating life.

Time will tell.


Cameron and Clegg


Carr with Cameron, Clegg and some C*** from Labour



  1. I'd suggest a government of national (?dis)unity headed by Calum Carr, CherryPie and James Higham. We would know that anything these three agreed on would have to be right.

  2. I'm not sharing my POWER with other bloggers. I'm trying to RULE the bloody country!

  3. May I be the New World Internatinal Consultant? I know how to deal with the Americans...

  4. BTW,I'm not a blogger. I just nosey my way around blogs, uninvited and (maybe) unwanted. A gifted politician....

  5. Claudia So certain am I of my success that you can consider the post yours. I'm sure you'll be a great success. Welcome aboard!

    A small donation to The CalumCarr Development Fund to help the underfunded CalumCarr family is necessary to show your willingness to work in the national interest.

  6. This versatile busker is on her way to the corner of a Toronto street to collect money for the cause. Consider the CalumCarr family overfunded from then on, and forever after. Good luck with your political quest. Vive the United Kingdom!