Thursday, 6 May 2010


My vote is cast. 

A tactical vote, I must admit. 

I can do no more now but wait …. and wait …. and wait …. and wait  …. only to find that the “dirty rich” blues have done it.

Please, let me be wrong!


  1. Casting my own vote, with both my heart and my head, to support my lifelong quest for proper proportionally representative democracy rather than the crazily unfair system we have now. Come on you wishy washy in-betweenies. I have never been a red or a blue, although I have flirted with the greens and the Scottish Salmond shade on occasion. It should be an interesting night, whatever happens.

  2. If that is a question to me Calum, it is one that I don't understand.

  3. Andrew, you seemed to be a floating voter? I was asking if you voted as one or by your long-held beliefs.

    Seems as though my humour is beyond, beneath or above you. I don't knoew which.

  4. Oh. Well I did vote, and in the manner indicated, for the Lib Dems, just to register my tiny contribution towards the push for proportional representation which I have supported for many years. Labour held my seat (Ochil & South Perthshire) as I suspected they would, with the SNP as their nearest challenger, as before. I was pleased that, nationally, at least unrestrained Conservatism has been avoided, whatever happens next.

  5. I wish I had emigrated when I had the chance - before NuLabour's killing machine (aka the NHS) misdiagnosed my stroke and left me to it, covering up and lying at every turn; before their criminal-loving police allowed a piece of scum to stalk and harass me for years ...

    before their policies and behaviour almost totally wrecked my life in fact.

  6. Anonymous

    I really do feel for you. Something similar happened to a friend of mine!

    There is no end to the lying and conniving bastards out there who are meant to be on our side but they're on only their own side.