Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Early Verdict on the ToLi Coalition

While the ToLi leaders luxuriate in the warm glow of shared power those on the outside are faced with more pressing problems.

I woke early this morning with the cold seeping into my bones to find the weather’s immediate judgment on the ToLi’s: snow! 

In the middle of May the weather is forecasting cold cold times ahead but this is only a problem for those towards the bottom of the financial pile. 

Will the ToLi’s care?

This is how we will judge them!

PS: For the appropriateness of the ToLi abbreviation please look up “toaly” in the urban dictionary here.


  1. Toaly/ToLi... I like it. Good one Calum!

  2. A flash of genius, Jams, or perhaps a flash of toaly.

  3. welcome to the new ToLi cabinet;
    and introducing wee Georgie Osborne on cash register -

  4. I feel a little off balance... For the first day in my life... my entire life... the party I voted for is "in power" to some degree, even if their power is simply to hold the restraining choker leash on the big Rottweiller of Conservatism. Still, it is quite pleasing... "Sit! Beg! Roll over! Ah... that's a good doggy." A strange accommodation but not without hope, actually. We shall see...

  5. As well as the "toaly" connection ToLi can also be used in a bastardisation of the oft-abused Shakespeare quote to give,

    " To Li(e) or not To Li(e) that is the question"

    We know the New Labour answer and I guess the ToLi answer will be exactly the same: Lying bastards all of them!

    Of course, I am not cynical just a twit.