Monday, 31 May 2010

Gaza: Israel’s Shame

More shame deserves to be poured on Israel after its troops illegally stormed – in international waters -  a ship attempting to bring humanitarian aid to the Gazans who have suffered for far too long from the illegal Israeli blockade AND killed 16 innocents.

The BBC reports,

“The people on the boats were very, very violent toward the soldiers," Israeli military spokeswoman Lt Col Avital Leibovich was quoted by AFP news agency as saying.”

According to the Daily Telegraph,

“Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, the trade and industry minister ….. added that the commandoes had been attacked with batons and activists had sought to take their weapons off them.”

So they gunned 16 down!



  1. The rest of the world is morally and legally obliged to bring these murderers to justice and we should set aside a day of remembrance for all the holocausts of Israel's making.

  2. Indeed we should!

    I understand your deliberate use of "holocaust" but perhaps to the best word to use if you want to engage in debate. :)

  3. I get the feeling that they were set up to take a propaganda hit. Israel has given its enemeis more than they coud have hoped for. An act of sheer and crass stupidity.