Friday, 14 May 2010

Iain Dale Eventually Catches up with CalumCarr

Almost 48h after I posted about the ToLi coalition’s “Theft of Democracy”, Iain has managed to post about the proposed 55% vote needed for the dissolution of the new 5 year fixed term Parliament.

Iain and I are rarely on the same side of any argument but here we are although I don’t take any credit for his (just published) views.  I doubt he knows I exist.

We need to stop the ToLi’s now!



  1. Of course I have heard of you.

    And I did tweet about this 48 hours ago...

  2. Och, Iain, a bit of fun!

    You're too big and important to be bothered by a wee bit of a dig from a microblog! :)

  3. James. I wonder if Iain will mention me on tele.

    What do you think?

  4. Someone has a bruised ego perhaps... and not you calum!

  5. Mine does bruise easily though, Jams.

  6. Ah ... ha ha ha.
    Calum, I thought you had faked a comment by Iain Dale.
    Just to make sure I was right, clicking the Iain a minute ago, I have to realise: It's the gentlemen without cojones himself.
    Ha ha ha. Iain Dale, the opinion leader, the pride of England's intelligentsia.
    May I ask: Did the most honourable Mr. Dale, meanwhile let his fans become all excited by running down Whitehall, naked??

  7. Sean As far as I am aware Mr Dale has not stripped off and run naked down Whitehall. As a consequence, the public has been denied the opportunity to see Mr Dale's mouth!

    Iain, a little gentle ribbing! The small always rib the large. It's a bit like West Ham fans having a joke at the expense of the big London teams!