Saturday, 15 May 2010

Iain Dale: Man or Mouse?

Iain Dale’s statement that he would run naked through Whitehall should the Election exit polls be accurate is well-known.  I reminded Iain about it here.

‘The predictions were incredible, – LibDems to win only 59 seats -  so incredible that Mr Dale, the guru of political blogging, said,

“I'll run naked down Whitehall if that turns out to be true.” ‘

Matthew Parris in today’s Times tells the story where he thought he might have to eat a coffee mug:  he predicted on election night that there wouldn’t be a coalition between Labour and Lib-Dems.  Later he became very worried but he was prepared to go through with it – or so he says.

Parris says to Dale,

“So there we are, Iain Dale: I was ready to go through with it. Are you?”

Well, Iain, are you?

Iain, do you have the balls of a man or of a mouse?

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