Saturday, 15 May 2010

IKEA – What Am I Meant to Do?

Before I get going let me say that I like IKEA.  I know that some readers may feel that this pigeon-holes me in a negative way but I don’t care.

I like IKEA.  There I’ve said it again.

I like their free coffee or rather I like their coffee because it’s free.

I like their cheap breakfasts.

But sometimes IKEA products suffer from style over substance and I have found one such product or rather Mrs Carr has. 

The product we’ve found is this one ….

IKEA1…. in white. 


This would serve Mrs Carr’s purpose but we all now that curtains, especially white curtains, get dirty.

No!  IKEA don’t know.

Look below at the care instructions.


Now IKEA, how are we meant to clean it when it gets grubby as it most assuredly will?

No advice is given.  They tell us all we must NOT do but not what we need to do.  This is madness.

But then on closer inspection the reason for all the Do Not’s becomes apparent.  Look at the materials.


76% bloody paper!  Style or substance?

IKEA you are having us on!

[Full details on this product are available at the IKEA website here]


  1. When I was working in Germany they told me the acronym meant-
    IKEA= 'Immer Kauft Eben....'
    but I can't remember the rest. It was 'Every purchase something awful' or words to that effect.

    There was another one which suits your curtains-
    which means “I’m getting a fit of rage”

    and just for good measure the German catalogue lists a "fartfull" which is a workbench

  2. Japanese paper screens cost a fortune. These (doubtless minimalistic) Swedish IKEA ones sound like good value. I like IKEA too, and I like their coffee because it is quite nice coffee. Folk who don't like IKEA shouldn't go to IKEA, as I said re Tesco a while back I can't understand people raging about places they don't need to go to and things they don't need to do. That's not directed at you Calum, I accept that you like IKEA. They offer a good supply of free pencils for marking golf cards too.

  3. Well it could be high quality paper Calum!