Friday, 28 May 2010

Laura Ashley: A Late Night Snippet

I was doing a little bit of browsing to gather information for my assault on Laura Ashley – due next week – and I found this little snippet.

“Do not have time to go into much detail, as am still tussling with Laura Ashley customer service.

Earlier this year they lost a coffee table we had ordered in their warehouse - it took many, many calls to find this out. In the end we cancelled out of frustration.

This week they have delivered a sofa with a faulty leg - getting this sorted is proving a nightmare - it is currently propped up on a pile of books.

No one in customer service has any authority to sort the problem and we are being continually fobbed off. No one takes responsibility and it is impossible to speak to anyone in authority who can make a decision.

They have the worst customer service I have EVER encountered. This confirms what many others have said here. I will NEVER EVER go near this company again and recommend that others do the same. “

A bit late for Mrs C but grist to the mill of my campaign to

BOYCOTT LAURA ASHLEY until they change their appallingly bad way of treating their customers.

You can help by passing this message on to friends, relatives, by linking to this post, by tweeting.

This is just the start and I will remain calm at all times.

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