Friday, 28 May 2010


Further to my very short post yesterday in which I said this,

Beware of buying online with Laura Ashley.

You may be in for a nasty surprise regarding delivery costs.

Buried deep within their T&C is a £60 to £130 delivery charge under certain conditions.

They’re in the clear legally.

Morally they’re in the gutter

here is a very brief update.

Laura Ashley insist on imposing a delivery charge of £60 because Mrs Carr’s flat is up two flights of stairs.  Up one is free but up two is £60.  This is despite the relevant information not being made obvious to the consumer.

Over the weekend I’ll be writing a long and very serious post about this company hiding behind the letter of the law.

BOYCOTT LAURA ASHLEY until they change their appallingly bad way of treating their customers.


Much more to come later.


  1. Are we talking about a heavy and bulky item of furniture here? I was so surprised I went to their website, clicked on their delivery terms and conditions link, and got a "currently unavailable" message. Coincidence? Or have you shamed them into taking it offline?

  2. It's back up now.

    The smallest two-seater settee available.

    We'll get them to deliver it free to the first floor at which point we will sign the paperwork and my brother and I will take it up the last 20 or so steps............ unless of course they say that they have to deliver it to the actual address.

    They wouldn't do that, would they?

    I have my plan of action mapped out.

    I hope they're ready for me.

  3. Just don't lose the place and nut them, my man. Remember the lunacy is nothing to do with the delivery chaps.

  4. I am, and will be, calmness personified.
    I said to Mrs C that, having got to the first floor, the men will probably just take the settee the whole way ...... unless .... Laura Ashley warn the men not to do this.

    I'm quite confident that they will be shamed into changing their website.

  5. Ah, but Health & Safety Calum... If the nice men (as delivery men usually are) do dare to step onto the first step beyong the first floor, and slip... would they be covered by insurance, having so recklessly disregarded the rules? Health and Safety - had it been in place from the beginning we would never have tamed fire, never invented the wheel, never learned to forge metal or fly, or even to swim. But it is, of course, a wonderful thing.