Sunday, 2 May 2010

More Forth Rail Bridge

Yesterday I took my camera slightly closer to the bridge and found this.

P1030233This was taken from directly underneath the Northernmost cantilever looking up and North.

More may follow.


  1. Thanks so much, Dragonstar.

  2. And your first one of the 26 April post was awesome too. I looked at it and thought it looks like The Forth Railway bridge multiplied 20 times over, and yet (assuming it wasn't altered by "Clumsy") it was all just the effect of perspective. Very interesting.

  3. Andrew

    yes, perspective!

    There was no Clumsying other than making the image B&W and enhancing the black.

    This one has been cropped a tad, made B&W, and with the black enhanced slightly.

    No other tricks.

  4. This is excellent Calum. I love it

  5. Very interesting perspective.

  6. I fear I may have misled you re the perspective in this photo.

    The "apparent" coming together of the outer portions is caused predominantly by those parts actually
    coming together.

  7. Great photos of the bridge, calum.