Thursday, 20 May 2010

More Music for the Morning

Well, music for any time - the wonderful kd lang.

Love is Everything

The audio and video are slightly out of sync but this doesn’t detract from the quality.


  1. Love ... I've heard the word before. It's sleeping in my memory ...

  2. Incredible performance! And she sings Cohen's Hallelujah with as much emotion and conviction. I wish I could put the link. I'm sure you've noticed her radiant smile to thank people for their enthusiasm.

  3. Claudia I've seen and heard her Hallelujah performance. The best.

    Glad you like.

    James Go rummage then! It's waiting.

  4. It's a great cover of a fellow Canadian singer Jane Siberry. Check out her Canadian covers album 49th Parallel.

  5. Jams - Just looked at the cover. Cold country out there. They're both great performers.