Friday, 28 May 2010

Music in the Morning - Friday

I struggled to find a version of this which matched my feeling for the tune.  This non-commercial recording comes closest  … at the moment.

The Dark Island is Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides.

Another moan is that I haven’t found English lyrics that I like.  I’ll have to write my own.


  1. my Father's favourite song, one of his favourites
    still have a few versions of it somewhere in my record collection

    do you think Jay Ungar was listening to this before he wrote Ashokan Farewell?

  2. Deeply moving. Thanks for sharing.

  3. After listening many times, I can play it on the piano. I will offer it to my Scottish friends when they visit. Please, send your lyrics when they're written.

  4. Claudia Now I have a target to aim for.

    The wordsmith's brain is very slowly clunking.