Thursday, 6 May 2010

Nad – Sad, Bad or Mad


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  1. Loved the guy in the green rosette who never moved. Was he a waxwork model?

  2. What was Nad thinking about re wearing white pyjamas?

  3. I wrote to my MP twice about some ongoing difficulties with which I feel her help would be invaluable.

    After 2 months she has not replied.

    She has already had one of her constituents prosecuted for contacting her.

    I am now very frightened of writing again to her.

    This means I am without any democratic representation in Parliament and elsewhere.

    This is Soviet Union-style tactics and certainly not democratic.

    Thank you Calum for posting.

  4. Anonymous

    I can't imagine how you feel. I assume you're the Anonymous who left a comment elsewhere tonight.

    When times are tough, the bastards screw us.

    When we stand up to the bastards they screw us again and again for daring to ask for our rights.