Monday, 17 May 2010

Nadine Dorries Fancies Little John !

No, she doesn’t.  The very opposite in fact.

She does not fancy Little John Bercow as Speaker.  She didn’t fancy him last year and she doesn’t now and so, at least, she is consistent.

In an online article in the Mail she makes her case for NOT John.  I’m not going to repeat her case here but she did make a statement of crucial importance.

There needs to be a new way of doing things, clean and above reproach. The selection of a new Speaker will aid and assist with this process and will help to reassure the public that Parliament has changed. Everything is different now. [My emphasis]

Is everything different now, Nadine?  

Did you start at home(s) first, Nadine?

No hidden skeletons, Nadine?

Everything above reproach, Nadine?


Yes, I’m sure you’re OK.  You wouldn’t have left these words floating in the ether ready to impale you unless you knew you were squeaky clean.

1 comment:

  1. Did the impeccable lady offer to run naked down Whitehall if ...?

    Hm, she might get the chance then, to prove she's got more cojones than Iain Dale.