Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Post Diarrhoea Cured, I Hope

I had to do something, anything.

Seven posts today before this one. 

Words have been dripping out of my pc.  I can’t stop dripping words and so I Googled “diarrhoea cure” and I came across the “Matchstick Remedy

I know this will work.

“It comprises lighting a match with another held in the hand which is in turn ignited and doused immediately in a glass of water while igniting. This routine is repeated twice to make the remedy more effective. The water is the remedy and can be sipped every hour till the Diarrhoea or watery stools and pain in the gut stop.

I have prescribed this remedy to many patients and they all confirm that within a few hours their diarrhoea had stopped.”

I have followed this advice to the letter – almost.  Rather than sipping the match water I have poured the water over my keyboard and will continue to do so until I post no more.

100ml pour d a d alr a y it‘ wo k  g

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  1. Ah Calum I'm glad you've been prodding Trafigura.. You've done it better than I could have