Sunday, 2 May 2010

Sunday Morning Coffee with Tracy Chapman

Welcome again!  Time for coffee.  Sit back, read, relax and listen.

This week I feature Tracy Chapman.

TracyChapmanI found Tracy with her debut album in 1988, loved it and then promptly lost her until last week when I found her in the same place as Julia Fordham (see here for one track of Julia)  - in a cupboard with other CDs.

Now she’s back in her rightful place in my music!

Many of the tracks are from this first CD, “Tracy Chapman”.

Baby Can I Hold You Tonight

A gorgeous song.


Some songwriters take time to develop their skills after they are recording but Tracy burst onto the music scene as a brilliant writer.  Mind you she had started to write her own songs from the age of 8.



This is no ode to the great America.

The first verse shows where the song is going.

You were lost and got lucky
Came upon the shore
Found you were conquering America
You spoke of peace
But waged a war
While you were conquering America



Fast Car

This verse (third) gives the background,

You see, my old man's got a problem,
Lives with the bottle, that's the way it is
He says his body's too old for workin',
I say his body's too young to look like his,
My mama went off and left him,
Wanted more from life than he could give,
I said somebody's got to take care of him,
So I quit school and that's what I did.


But now she needs her life!


We move on with an overtly political song but there is where Tracy lives.

Freedom Now

and she nails this.


We’re more than halfway and now we continue with a touchingly beautiful love song …. and a lovely video.


Did you feel this too?


Across the Line

Harsh words indeed!


Only two to go and this show is almost over.  There are many fewer words of mine this week but the music is still there on a high.

Give Me One Reason

Love needs a response but will she get what she needs?

My guess …. ?  Only you can decide.


We finish another show …. already but we do so with a classic.

Talking about a Revolution


Tracy Chapman is a star whose light faded but whose quality never did.

Having reached the very end, and despite my last sentence, I feel this is the first show which hasn’t quite worked for me.  I loved the rediscovery of Tracy’s music, loved listening during the week but there is something missing.  I don’t know what it is yet but …. I’ve left every other show absolutely enthused by the music and when I started writing I expected that to happen this week too.  It hasn’t and I’m not going to lie.

I hope YOU enjoyed the music and your coffee.

Well, that’s it for another week.  Tune in again next week and thanks for listening.


  1. You know what? Looking at the timings I suspect you set this up on Saturday then went to bed rather than being bothered to get up and post it for everyone on Sunday morning. If I were in a mood for an argument I might call that cheating, but since it's Sunday now I'll just be nice, although in my opinion it is still Saturday night (although I do know I am vulnerable to your dissent there). Goodnight (I'll not be listening tomorrow morning because I have a complex Powerpoint presentation to create for Monday and then the weekly shopping to enjoy at Tesco's).

  2. Truly confusing....Vikipedia says that Tracy Chapman is a man! Other websites talk about HER. The voice is very deep, very soulful.

  3. I love the song, Baby Can I Hold You Tonight...have not heard it in a very long time. One of my other favorites is Toni Childs, her song Zimbabwe, reaches deep into my soul, love it also.

  4. An artist has a timeframe in which to say what he or she wants. She has had hers and said some meaningful things from the confessional/soulful point of view.

    I'm not sure you should be dissatisfied with that, Calum.

    Also, Andrew's right - this was set up Saturday evening methinks. :)

  5. James
    Of course this was set up on Saturday night with a delayed posting time.

    Every post in this series has been posted in exactly the same way.

    Why would I stay up until midnight to post a Sunday post on Sunday when I can set it up on Saturday and, thereby, be having sweet dreams when the post emerges?

    Re your second point I'll answer later.

  6. Nunyaa Lovely to see you back and you smoke too! :)