Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Trafigura: Allegations “Gravely Defamatory”

An article appeared on the web yesterday which makes allegations which Trafigura and Macfarlanes (solicitors) describe as “gravely defamatory”.

Trafigura and Macfarlanes consider the allegations to be so serious that their 16 page statement starts,

“By way of opening remark, Macfarlanes (both on its own behalf and on behalf of Trafigura) categorically refutes any allegations of misconduct in this matter.”

Their statement continues.

“We note that you acknowledge that these allegations are extremely serious.  We trust, therefore, that if you consider yourself to be a serious journalist, rather than pursuing a pre-meditated agenda against Trafigura, you will consider your position very carefully before publishing allegations about Macfarlanes which are indeed very serious, malicious, gravely defamatory, false and completely inconsistent with the previous course of conduct between the parties.”

and three paragraphs later

“In the event that you still decide to publish these allegations, we require you to ensure that you include our response to each allegation at the point in which it appears in the article.”

The allegations?

You can read them in Dutch here but Google Translate gives a reasonable English version.  

A shorter English version appears in this article

BUT do read these articles in the light of Macfarlanes’ very detailed response.

I wonder if my wee bird had heard whisper of this.  I’ll never ever know.  But could there be more coming out soon?  I’ll need to wait as will you.

UPDATE 1 @ 10:10 18 May 2010

I also add here that I am posting only what has been published openly elsewhere and by republishing I make no judgment nor imply any wrongdoing on the part of Trafigura or Macfarlanes.

UPDATE 2: @ 10:13 18 May 2010

More news is published in this follow-up post.

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  1. They can call it gravely defamatory but are they countersuing?