Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Trafigura: Allegations “Gravely Defamatory” 2

Further to my post of 2 hours ago,

“In the Netherlands, Greenpeace has filed a complaint with the public prosecution against the multinational Trafigura, accusing the latter of having  xxxxxxxx .”

according to Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

The Greenpeace site- http://www.greenpeace.nl  - isn’t yet carrying this news.

This follows on from the very serious allegations made in de Volkskrant and repeated on RNW.

I also add here that I am posting only what has been published openly elsewhere and by republishing I make no judgment nor imply any wrongdoing on the part of Trafigura or Macfarlanes.

I must include here major reference to the statement issued by Macfarlanes, solicitors, on their and Trafigura’s behalf two short extracts of which I append below.

“By way of opening remark, Macfarlanes (both on its own behalf and on behalf of Trafigura) categorically refutes any allegations of misconduct in this matter.”


“We note that you acknowledge that these allegations are extremely serious.  We trust, therefore, that if you consider yourself to be a serious journalist, rather than pursuing a pre-meditated agenda against Trafigura, you will consider your position very carefully before publishing allegations about Macfarlanes which are indeed very serious, malicious, gravely defamatory, false and completely inconsistent with the previous course of conduct between the parties.”

UPDATE 1: @ 10.19  18 May 2010

On the first posting of this a few minutes ago I repeated the actual allegations.  I have now redacted those allegations.

UPDATE 2: @12.24 18 May 2010

I have been pointed in the direction of this link for a better translation of today’s happenings.  The rebuttal remains.

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