Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Trafigura Allegations: Visited by Macfarlanes

I have just noticed that Macfarlanes have visited this blog and have read both posts (1 and 2).

Minutes after publishing the second and minutes before I noticed Macfarlanes’ visit I had made a major change to the second post.

Initially, I had included the allegations made by Greenpeace which I have now redacted.  The relevant part of that post now reads:

“In the Netherlands, Greenpeace has filed a complaint with the public prosecution against the multinational Trafigura, accusing the latter of having  xxxxxxxx .”

and I restate my earlier comment,

“I also add here that I am posting only what has been published openly elsewhere and by republishing I make no judgment nor imply any wrongdoing on the part of Trafigura or Macfarlanes.”

I am trying hard to report what is happening without crossing any legal barrier.

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