Monday, 10 May 2010

Trafigura Asked to Pay £105M in Legal Costs

According to The Independent, Leigh Day & Co, the law firm which represented the alleged victims of the alleged dumping of toxic waste, has claimed £105M in costs from Trafigura.

Trafigura state that their costs were £14M.

I’d like to see where costs of more than £100M arose and how they can be justified!

I trust that no troughs are involved!


  1. You may be forgetting lawyers use a different definition of "costs" than the rest of us. They use the definition: "Costs: whatever we can get away with."

  2. ... and MPs too but they call them expenses.

  3. Even though I do like the the idea of Trafigura getting fleeced for a shed load of money

  4. You're the definitive authority on this.

  5. James Remember I bow at your greatness!!!!!!!!!

  6. Calum, there is so much material you've presented - could you give a short summary of your conclusions?

  7. James I know what you are asking for but ..... there's always a but ..... The physical movement of the coker naphtha, the Probo Koala and its waste is well-known but this story is about so much more than that. It's about intention, knowledge, who said what to whom and what did they mean.

    I had thought about doing a timeline.

    The biggest drawback is the threat of legal action which hangs over anyone who writes about this. The use of legal action against me has NEVER been mentioned and NEVER implied and NEVER any word you can put in here but still I am careful about any conclusions I draw.

    I will think about a summary or timeline or something.