Friday, 14 May 2010

Trafigura: Bear with Me and a Wee Bird

Bear with Me

Apologies.  I had hoped to post again by now but with the ToLi coalition combined with my general laziness I’m not ready. I should have made contact with a few people but the emails are unwritten.  The story of my life!

A commenter on a recent post asked me to give a short summary of my conclusions.  Some might write a very very short one but get sued for libel.  I will not fall at that hurdle.

What I’ll try to do is write a timeline for the events linked with Trafigura but even this will take me a bit of time.  I’ll pinch bits from other timelines but I’ll reference them.

Wee Bird

A wee bird fluttered to my window and left me a message,

“Keep your eyes open for something happening (re Trafigura) in the next week or so.”

Who knows where the bird came from?
Who knows where the bird did fly?
Who knows if the truth she spoke?
Who knows if the bird did lie?

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