Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Trafigura: Greenpeace Claim Advert was Misleading

According to Radio Netherlands Worldwide, Greenpeace and Trafigura faced the Dutch Advertising Code Committee over the accuracy of a Trafigura advert published in September last year.

This might seem a rather esoteric or even banal area to fight over but, believe me, it is not.

Greenpeace, in their complaint, make very damning claims which I am not going to raise here because I don’t have the evidence that Greenpeace claim to have and, even if I had, I probably wouldn’t post because I’d get my arse sued off.

How many of their claims were raised today I don’t know but I think the argument may have focused on simpler issues.

According to the short article in RNW,

“Trafigura’s lawyer says the announcement was not an advertisement but rather a factual statement to the public, which has received inadequate information for so long. The company argues that the statement was solely intended to redress incorrect and biased media reporting, fully in line with Trafigura’s freedom of speech.”

The Committee’s ruling will be announced on 3 June 2010.

Again, for balance and to protect myself, I add that in terms of the Ivorian waste Trafigura has not been found guilty of any offences AND Trafigura has always stated that it complied with all legal requirements.

My wee bird WAS right after all. 

What a clever wee bird to find my window sill.

Thank you, little bird.  You can visit again.


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