Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Trafigura: Newspaper Articles Available

Following last week’s flurry of activity in the Netherlands about Trafigura more information is now more freely available.  This post of mine and links within it will lead you to the summary information which was available online in English. 

By trawling Dutch websites I found two fuller articles for which I used Google Translate.  I won’t comment on these articles but they are available in Dutch here.

This is not the post I have been working on for some days and which I said would be published today or tomorrow.


Again I must state that Macfarlanes and Trafigura have denied the allegations made in very strong terms.  Their 16 page response can be read here.  Within this response is mentioned a newspaper interview with the waste truck drivers from 2006.  Macfarlanes made a translated copy available to me and that can be read here.


I make no judgment nor comment on the truth or otherwise of the information in any of these external sources.

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