Monday, 17 May 2010

Tulip Sun

This afternoon I had only a few minutes in Riverside Park, Glenrothes but I found this lovely scene …..


…… and the brilliant sun below.



  1. Lovely. I've never been to Riverside Park Glenrothes. The view of Glenrothes has always been enough to keep me moving through. Perhaps I have misjudged the place, or at least parts of it. But then there was also the gang of feral eight year olds throwing stones at my car and mooning at my young family as we passed. Did I choose the wrong route through, or did I just catch it on a bad day?

  2. The park is to the North-West of Glenrothes on the main road to Leslie.

    Wrong route or bad day? No idea. I'm not a Glenrothian. Mind you an old neighbour call the town Glenthrose.

  3. Beautiful, Calum, especially the first one is breathgiving. Thanks for sharing.