Tuesday, 11 May 2010

You’ve Seen Gordon ….

…. and now you’ll have some idea how I feel!

For a few hours I had set my heart on sleeping in Downing Street tonight (1 and 2)!

I wanted all those toadies creeping and crawling after me, picking up every crumb in the hope that there was some import hidden within.

I wanted to have the power to run the country as I wanted, unlike those who have now taken over whose only wish is to serve the country and not themselves!

No good can come from such selflessness and this we shall see in the months to come.

I shall now retire to the tranquillity of my blog where few pay any attention to my words.

Ladies and gentleman, tonight I am distraught and I go to bed soon to cuddle my dearest Willie (my very old and battered teddy bear!).

Goodnight!  I’ll be OK … really …..!

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