Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Busy, Busy

…. for me anyway.

Getting younger son’s room ready prior to decorating: has taken ages.  Stripping!  Filling!  Rubbing Down!  More filling!  More rubbing down ….  and on …. and on …. and on.  Just about ready to paint now.

Mind you I said this about 3 weeks ago and I’ve managed to find other work or play to fill my time.

This afternoon I had to climb a ladder up 3 stories: had roofer out looking at roof and external walls of Mrs Carr’s block.  Took about an hour in total but roofer’s phone was going ring, ring ….. long chat …. silence ….. ring, ring …. ad nauseam / infinitum.  Eventually we finished and I had to manoeuvre my frame back onto the ladder for the descent.  Coming down was not a problem but getting myself from the roof and onto the ladder was my concern.

That I’m here writing confirms – to your sadness – that I managed down without injury.

But I’m back up again tomorrow!

But either side of that I’ll be priming and undercoating and painting.

What an absolutely fascinating life I lead!

How do I manage when I’ve got so much excitement?


  1. Snap, Calum. I was also climbing ladders; engaged in filling and sanding. It was such an exciting day I simply felt compelled to write down tomorrow's agenda - which is much more of the same but obviously in different areas.

    There is a promise of a dirty weekend ahead culminating in a mighty climax of faux badger bristles and varnish.

  2. I don't know about a dirty weekend but, as usual, I'll have a shitty weekend. Is that the same as you? :)

    I'm sure I'll have a super-lovely weekend.

  3. As long as you post Sunday Morning Coffee, and Daily Music, life will be OK. Please, try not to fall...