Monday, 21 June 2010

Clumsy’s Art: Jewels in the Dark

Clumsy has been working again to give you this.

Jewels in the Dark



  1. CP You're right but this is art !!!???? and not a competition. :)

    Claudia No, I'm not flamboyant just a boring old fart. :)


  3. Art like this supposedly offers whatever the viewer can find in it, so it can be a competition if the cherry-filled pie lady wants it to be. I find it to be a picture taken with the lights switched off, which I do find exceedingly profound.

  4. I was talking about what I saw, not about you, Calum...But whatever you say you are.

  5. Andrew is right.
    The American artist Frank Stella said-
    "What you see is what you see."

  6. Indeed but, as Andrew well knows, I was not telling CP off for replying with a question. I was indulging in a little bit of banter. I'm sure, I hope, that CP saw it that way too.

    By the way, my title tells you what I see but that may not be what you see but that's OK because that's what art is about unless you're Andrew in which case he'll argue something differently now but then he may not but that's OK too.

    Did I manage all that in one sentence>

  7. I think I was must have indulged in far too much Sherry and Cherry Pie and included the ? in error ;-)

    Or should that have been Cherry Pie and Sherry...