Monday, 7 June 2010

Dr Busch: Much More Eloquent Than I

On Saturday I posted about the lack of balance from both sides in the reporting of Trafigura.  I used Dr Busch as an example of one who wrote, as far as I could see, only positively about Trafigura. 

He was none to pleased with my portrayal of him and he left a long comment. 

I mentioned last night that I intended to reply and as a prelude to this I posted Dr Busch’s comment separately.

Rather than write my own piece I will rely on Dr Busch’s reply TO me.  He demonstrates lack of balance in his writing far more clearly and eloquently than I ever could.

Therefore, I append below one more time, Dr Busch’s comment.  I couldn’t have done better.

Dr Busch’s Comment – in green.  Where he quotes me  in purple
“I find it quite patronising for you to say “he has not written one sentence which was, in any way, critical of Trafigura or its actions. I would expect a balanced correspondent to have found at least one.
The simple answer to your assertion is that everything I have written is not only the truth but a truth that has been backed up by professional testimony of experts in court under oath and validated by the decisions of competent and experienced judges.
When you compare this with the fantasies, self-promotion and lies of the great Green international circle jerk of self-indulgent ‘commentators’ it is difficult to know how a ‘balanced view’ might be achieved.
Greenpeace and its ilk are plain wrong and every impartial court and legal proceeding has proved this to be the case. Where on earth do you expect to find a ’balanced view’ between truth and fiction?
Equally you appear to be casting doubts on the accuracy of my comment on the DACA report. You say “According to Dr Busch the full finding has not been made public but he appears to know more than is in the public domain. Does he? And how could he?
How did the Dutch News and the other journals get their information to make their comments if the judgement hasn’t been published? The answer is simple, the DACA leaked its report to the local authorities (where an election is underway) and to journalists. I received my information from the same sources as Dutch News but I reported what the DACA actually said and not what they didn’t say.
Keeping track of Trafigura is not what I do and, other than a few pieces on my website some years ago, I haven’t written about it. In the course of my consulting work I frequently come in contact with this Green Hysteria where incompetent and under-educated ‘activists’ cause real harm to corporations and society by promoting an agenda which has only a marginal attachment to reality. They act as both judge and jury without any responsibility for assessing the truth of the matter or ceasing their actions when the truth is proven.
I understand that these people are relatively powerless and inconsequential ciphers in the real world of politics and economics and get some self-esteem by preening themselves in the glow their lies create. At some point this posturing should end.
So, if I am not balanced between truth and fiction, reality and self-delusion, impotence and responsibility I apologise; but I don’t really mean it.”
I did make one mistake.  I thought he was pro-Trafigura – he may be that too – but he doesn’t think very highly of the green movement!


  1. I apologise for the layout being poorer than normal. Livewriter won't let me post direct and, so, I had to go direct into Blogger.

    I hope the point is still clear.

  2. Like any movement, the Green one has arseholes a plenty but I don't think it right to dismoiss in such a blanket manner

  3. Doubt is not a pleasant mental state, but certainty is a ridiculous one. [Voltaire]

    Mr Busch is obviously not in a pleasant mental state.

  4. If I'm certain about one thing it's I'm not certain at all.

  5. This was a line from one of my "prose poems" if I may dare to call them thus. From the very old days of 1991.