Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Dreich Day

Another dreich day in Edinburgh, low clouds and rain closed in.  No view but cloud and rain again, again, again and again.

Why does my feeling of the weather outside affect how I feel inside?

Perhaps it’s dreich in my head.


But then sun and sky blue don’t make me feel sunny inside.

I don’t understand.


  1. Good mor...oh, its afternoon already, Calum.

    Now where did I put my vitamin D tablets and serotonin boosters?

  2. No!

    It wasn't a good morning and the afternoon is still dreich.

    When you find your pills zap some electronically to me!

    I could, of course, wear sun-tinted glasses which filter out the sight of raindrops.

  3. Full spectrum daylight bulb Calum. I am beneath one now. £15 - £20 each, but they work.

    Although I do love a dreich day sometimes, and I love the word "dreich", oh and sometimes nothing cheers me up as effectively as thinking "Oh never mind. I'll soon be dead."

    Happy smiles to us all.